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Help with Gluten Free Living.

We Created Intolerable Gluten To Help People Who Are Living With Celiac Disease.

On Our Travels We Explore Every City And Town To Find Restaurants Who Offer 100% Gluten Free Food.

We  Also Have Gluten Free Products Listed From USA.

Gluten Free In Antigua

Traveling gluten free is always hard, the though of traveling to an All Inclusive Resort where your meals and drinks are included should be met with excitement but for those of us living with Celiac Disease we know those big resorts cannot guarantee safe meals because of cross contamination.  The kitchen is catering to hundreds of guests and the buffet station is a free for all, literally.

I usually play it safe and bring my own food, jerky bars, gluten free bread and I trust the resorts fruit, cheese, boiled eggs and boiled rice, sounds appetizing? yep it’s not, thank god for Prosecco.

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Gluten Free Restaurants and Bakeries in Manhattan

Are you in Manhattan and need somewhere to eat?

Click on this map and find a Gluten Free Restaurant near you now:

Gluten Free Manhattan Restaurants

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Do you worry you may have Celiac?  Unlock your 23andMe health report.

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 Jade Mountain St Lucia

A Piece Of Heaven Amongst The Pitons.

This amazing work of art was created by its owner Nick Troubetzkoy; a Russian Canadian Architect that made St Lucia his home and I have to think the locals are glad he did.

His first purchase was the hillside resort overlooking the beach called Anse Chastanet, each hotel room uniquely finished to be one with nature. Guests here have views of the amazing pitons and sunsets over the beach, both views are breathtaking.  Read More


Guadi’s is Barcelona!

Guadi’s most famous work is the La Sagrada Familia Basilica yet still unfinished due for completion in 2026 to mark the 100 years since his death.  This in not the only jewel he left behind in this beautiful city.  Once you arrive in Barcelona your appreciation for his life’s work will lead the rest of your trip to see all he has created. Read More