Let’s start with what you CANNOT EAT:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Triticale

Education is key in monitoring your diet. Apart from gluten been in obvious foods like bread pasta and beer. Gluten can be hidden in any processed foods:

  • Imitation fish (e.g. crab meat)
  • Sauces
  • Soy Sauce
  • French Fries
  • Hot dogs
  • Cold Cuts
  • Potato Chips
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
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Ingredients that contain gluten: Abyssinian – Amaranth – Atta Flour – Barley – Barley Grass – Barley – Hordeum Vulgare – Barley – Malt Beer – Bleached Flour – Bran – Brewer’s Yeast – Bromated Flour – Brown Flour – Buckwheat – Bulgar – Wheat –  Cereal – Binding – Chilton – Club Wheat – Couscous – Cracked Wheat – Criped Rice – Dinkel – Durum – Durum Flour – Einkorn Emmer – Farina Farro – Filler – Graham Flour – Hydrolyzed Wheat – Protein – Kamut Malt – Malt Extract – Millet – Oats – Phosphated – Flour Rusk – Rye – Semolina – Spelt – Teff  -Triticale


Cheat Sheet for Food and their benefits

Vitamin A

Romaine Lettuce     Squash    Apricots   Bell peppers (green best)   Broccoli   Cabbage Cantaloupe   Green Beans   Asparagus    Plums.

Vitamin B

Sunflower Seeds (B1)   Watermelon (B6 B1)   Avocado (B6)   Bananas (B6)   Bell Peppers (B6 B1)   Black Beans (B1)   Cabbage (B6)   Cantaloupe (B6)   Carrots (B6 B1 B3)   Cauliflower (B6)   Halibut (B3)   Mushrooms Plums (B2)   Potatoes (B6)    Raspberries (B2)   Salmon (B12 B3)   Sardines (B12)   Scallops (B12)   Shrimp (B12)   Strawberries (B5)   Squash Yams (B6)

Vitamin C

Spinach   Strawberries   Yams   Sweet Potatoes   Turnip Greens   Watermelon   Celery   Cherries   Asparagus   Bell Peppers   Blueberries   Broccoli   Cabbage   Cantaloupe   Cauliflower   Green Beans   Lemons   Mangoes   Oranges   Papaya    Potatoes   Raspberries Romaine Lettuce

Vitamin D

Sardines   Shrimp

Vitamin E

Apricot   Asparagus   Sunflower Seeds   Turnip Greens

Vitamin K

Romaine Lettuce   Spinach   Soybeans   Avocado   Broccoli   Carrots   Cauliflower   Bell Peppers   Green Peas   Asparagus   Pumpkin Seeds

Iron and Absorption

Green Beans   Garlic   Kidney Beans   Leeks   Lentils   Plums   Quinoa   Sesame Seeds   Spinach   Asparagus   Soy Flour


Greek Yogurt   Lentils   Peanuts   Shrimp   Soy Flour   Soy Beans   Tofu   Tuna


Cabbage   Milk   Cheese   Figs   Flaxseeds   Greek yogurt   Romaine Lettuce


Bananas Bell   Peppers   Broccoli   Cabbage   Cantaloupe   Green Beans   Kiwifruit   Onions Papaya


Onions   Papaya   Peanuts   Pinto Beans   Raspberries   Spinach   Strawberries   Turnip Greens   Chick Peas


Apples   Figs   Kiwifruit   Acocado   Beets   Black beans   Cherries   Kidney Beans   Lentils   Lima Beans    Navy Beans   Peas   Pinto Beans   Raspberries   Strawberries   Soybeans Chick Peas

Healthy Digestion

Caraway Seeds helps to fight the bad bacteria in the intestine and allow the good bacteria to digest food. Also good for digestion Apples Bananas Black Beans Brussels Sprouts Papaya Pineapple

Immune System

Grapefruit   Celery   Mushrooms

Energy Food

Almonds   Asparagus   Avocado   Beef   Venison   Cod Fish   Corn   Green Peas   Tomatoes


Millet   Bananas   Eggs   Almonds   Salmon   Yogurt   Beef   Olive Oil

Osteoporosis Strong Bones and Joints

Onions   Tomatoes   Rasins   Spinach   Figs

Good Heart

Leeks Apricot   Buckwheat   Cherries   Green Beans   Halibut   Navy Beans   Olives   Onions   Oranges   Pinto Beans   Potatoes   Romaine Lettuce   Scallops   Sesame Seeds   Tuna Walnuts

Now the good news, a few examples on what you CAN EAT and obviously in the non-processed form:






Nuts (watch for cross-contamination in production)




Wine (WARNING some winery use flour paste to seal the oak wine barrels)

Tequila (made from pure blue agave plant)

Potato Vodka

Rum (research brands)


Cognac (made from grapes)

Gluten Free Beer


Help Blood Sugar

Buckwheat   Avocado   Cauliflower   Cherries   Figs   Flaxseeds   Navy Beans   Squash   Yams

Brain Foods

Blueberries   Eggplant   Flaxseeds   Red Grapes   Halibut   Salmon

Healthy Eyes

Carrots   Plums   Raisins

Blood Pressure Health

Potatoes   Soybeans   Tuna

Minimize Hunger

Almonds   Apples   Apricots   Lentils   Sunflower Seeds

Low Cholesterol

Brussels   Sprouts   Navy Beans   Soybeans

Healthy Fats

Almonds   Avocado   Halibut   Olives   Salmon   Sardines   Scallops   Walnuts

Anti-Inflammatory Support

Beets Mushrooms   Strawberries   Spinach   Squash

Fend Off Free Radical Damage

Plums   Raisins   Walnuts   Apricots   Bell Peppers   Blackberries   Cantaloupe   Cashews   Cherries   Corn   Green Beans   Celery   Lemons

Cancer Fighters

Watermelon   Broccoli   Carrots   Kale   Mushrooms   Seaweed   Avocado   Grapefruit   Grapes   Lemons (also acts as an antibiotic)   Raspberries   Tomatoes   Figs   Soy

Speed up Your Metabolism

Hot Peppers   Brown Rice   Apples   Pears   Cayenne   Garlic   Cinnamon   Grapefruit   Green Tea

PMS Help

Low-fat and Non-fat Dairy Products  Broccoli and Kale to Increase your Calcium intake.For Magnesium   Pumpkin Seeds or Sunflower seeds   Spinach   Swiss Chard   Wild Salmon   Cashews   Quinoa   Potato with the skin Soybeans Beans   Peanuts   Brown RiceIncrease B6 intake of Chick-peas   Wild Salmon   Lean Beef   Chicken Breast   White Potatoes with skin   Banana   Pistachio   nuts and LentilsFor Manganese   Pineapple   Spinach   Collard Greens   Pecans   Lima   Beans   Pumpkin   Seeds   Walnuts and RaspberriesDrink Chamomile tea as it helps relieve muscle spasms. It also relives tension.

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