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Guadi’s is Barcelona!

Guadi’s most famous work is the La Sagrada Familia Basilica yet still unfinished due for completion in 2026 to mark the 100 years since his death.  This is not the only jewel he left behind in this beautiful city.  Once you arrive in Barcelona your appreciation for his life’s work will lead the rest of your trip to see all he has created. 


I would start your trip by paying in advance for La Sagrada Familia Skip the line Tour.  Your next stop must be Park Güell. The original plan for this park was a high-end housing development. The housing did not take off but we are left with a park with an amazing view of the city with the Mediterranean sea as a back drop.  The park that makes you believe you are in a Disney movie. 

Also beautifully located within walking distance in the Eixample district The Casa Batlló and Casa Mila (La Pedrera) within minutes of each other. Look out for Star Wars Stormtrooper, it is said that Josh Lucas got his inspiration from Guadi’s work. Other gems you must see by Guadi in Barcelona are Palau Güell, Colonia Güell, El Drac De Guadi at Finca Güell and Casa Vicens.


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