Hermitage Bay


Traveling gluten free is always hard, the though of traveling to an All Inclusive Resort where your meals and drinks are included should be met with excitement but for those of us living with Celiac Disease we know those big resorts cannot guarantee safe meals because of cross contamination.  The kitchen is catering to hundreds of guests and the buffet station is a free for all, literally.

I usually play it safe and bring my own food, jerky bars, gluten free bread and I trust the resorts fruit, cheese, boiled eggs and boiled rice, sounds appetizing? yep it’s not, thank god for Prosecco.

Working in the travel industry I am always on the look out for resorts that go above and beyond for Celiacs.  I think the key is to stay in a quality resort that only caters to 35 rooms or less.


This visit to the Caribbean took me to the beautiful island of Antigua.  I was lucky enough to score an ocean front cottage in Hermitage Bay.  This resort does not have a bad room category, if you would like to really treat yourself they have suites with infinity pools overlooking the bay.  

I knew they catered to gluten free clients but my first order is always met with hesitation as I explain my diet is not by choice.  I wait to see if the staff understands what celiac is and usually if I get the empty stare I don’t order anything.  To my delight my first server replies may I get you fresh gluten free bread?  My response was filled with excitement and a little bit of shock as she responds we are a 5 Star resort Ms White!

I was in safe hands and every meal there after was beyond excellent.  I personally try and pick the easy entrees for the chef to prepare gluten free but no request was denied.   Their beverage choices were also of premium quality so you really do get what you pay for in this resort.

If you are looking for a honeymoon or anniversary destination this is the place to visit.  Leaving here was hard not just because you are leaving paradise but you are leaving the beautiful friendly staff of Hermitage Bay behind, they make you feel truly at home.